Is Jessica Garvin really conservative?

In the race for State Senate, would it change your opinion to know the following facts?

Jessica Garvin is a liberal political insider who is backed by top Democrats.

Why has a member of Hillary Clinton’s Oklahoma Leadership Council donated to Garvin’s campaign SEVEN TIMES?!?!

Garvin has accepted SEVEN donations from a member of Hillary Clinton’s Oklahoma Leadership Council, Joe Hartman.  Hartman co-founded the top Democrat campaign consulting firm in the state (Skyfire Media).

Want to see the list of Clinton's Leadership Council?

Need proof of the SEVEN contributions?

In fact, Garvin’s donor, Joe Hartman, is the founder of Oklahoma’s top Democrat campaign consulting firm.

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They are:


Pro-gay marriage

Anti-2nd Amendment


How much do you really know about liberal political insider Jessica Garvin?

Years as a political insider/PAC deputy treasurer
Garvin was the Deputy Treasurer of the powerful nursing home industry’s Political Action Committee. That industry is Garvin’s biggest supporter.

Garvin's Ethics Filing for PAC

More Democrat Support

Garvin held a major campaign fundraiser earlier this year in the home of longtime Duncan Democrats.

Garvin’s entire campaign strategy is to get enough Democrats to switch parties to win the Republican primary.

Garvin encouraged people to switch parties

More proof of her attempts to get people to switch parties

Lifetime Liberals Support

Garvin accepted a $500 contribution from a liberal attorney, who was the Democrat’s 2018 nominee for House District 42 (Lindsay, Purcell and Blanchard).

Jessica Garvin’s dark money groups

Jessica Garvin’s supporters are using dark money groups to help Garvin and attack Paul Scott while hiding their identities.

Given all of Garvin’s Democrat supporters who have actually come forward publicly, including Hillary Clinton’s former campaign leader and a prominent liberal Democrat political nominee, there is no telling who really is behind these attacks.
For example, with Paul Scott’s strong support of the right to life, we know Planned Parenthood wants Paul defeated.  With Paul Scott’s strong stand against illegal immigration and his support of police, we know the ACLU wants Paul defeated too. But because of the hidden nature of these dark money groups, we simply don’t know who truly is supporting Garvin.



Example #1 Garvin Dark Money Group
Here’s a post card attacking Paul Scott sent by “Oklahomans for Patient Care LLC.”

Who is really behind “Oklahomans for Patient Care LLC.”?  Because it’s a dark money group, we don’t know.

But what we do know is this.

Oklahomans for Patient Care LLC doesn’t even appear to be an Oklahoma LLC.  It’s an OHIO LLC, with a OHIO registered agent, and an OHIO address for its principal on record.

So even though on the postcard attacking Paul Scott this dark money group deceptively lists a Norman, Oklahoma address, they appear to really be an OHIO entity with OHIO agents, all of which is hidden from the voters.

In fact, Google the Norman address they list.  It’s a UPS mailbox store called Postnet.  Their sole presence in Oklahoma appears to be a single PO Box!

What’s more – look when this OHIO LLC masquerading as an Oklahoma LLC was apparently created.

It was created on June 16, 2020 – almost certainly for the sole purpose of attacking Paul Scott in this campaign and supporting Jessica Garvin.

These dirty, underhanded tactics have no place in Oklahoma politics.  Garvin’s Ohio backers should have left their dirty tricks in Ohio and not brought them to Oklahoma.

Example #2 Garvin Dark Money Group

Another out of state dark money group supporting Jessica Garvin is “Citizens for a Sound Economy.”

Under the law, the dark money group doesn’t yet have to say who is funding the group but they do have to disclose how they spend their money for or against a candidate.

Here is a report they filed listing $18,500 in spending to support Jessica Garvin (an astronomical amount for online ad spending in an Oklahoma legislative race).

Consider that under Oklahoma law the maximum amount an individual donor can give a campaign is $2,800.  But Garvin’s allies are using this dark money group to circumvent that law and spend at least 7 times above the maximum individual limit (we don’t know how much they will ultimately spend in this race).

What’s more, this dark money group is based in the Denver, Colorado area.  While, again, we don’t know who exactly is behind this group, it is interesting that one of the companies that worked hardest at the Capitol against our local oil and gas producers was the giant Colorado company Encana.  Paul Scott was threatened by the big oil companies.  He was warned that if he didn’t turn his back on his local companies and support the big out of state interests like Encana, they would come after him.

Is this what the $18,500 in spending for Jessica Garvin is about?  Because Paul Scott didn’t back down?  Because Paul Scott stood true to his principles and his constituents, even in the face of threats?

What promises has Jessica Garvin made to out of state interests to gain this astonishing level of support? We don’t know because Garvin and her allies are able to hide behind these dark money groups.

Garvin support for lawsuits against churches for not hiring LGBT persons.

Screen shot of Garvin iVoter Guide answer taken 8-21-20.

Don’t let political insider Jessica Garvin and her liberal Democrat allies take our state senate seat.